3.11.2017 Completion of the construction works of the eco-berms at Oberelchingen

Meanwhile, the construction works of the eco-berms were also finished at the site of Oberelchingen. What looks desolate nowadays will be adopted by the nature in the future years and create habitats for many endangered species. For people looking for recreation the Danube will be accessible again at these areas and the diverse structures of the riverbanks will invite to linger. Within the next year the first plants will already settle down.


07.05.2017 Opening of the eco-berm in Oberelchingen

Inauguration of the eco-berm under participation and greetings of Mr Markus Ferber

Gallery-Walk: various stations of the Life project INADAR supported by the project partners

Greetings from Schürmann (LEW-board member), Herrn Markus Ferber (MEP), Rudolf Escheu (Head of section),


Einweihung der Öko-Berme mit Teilnahme und Grußworten von Herrn Markus Ferber

Gallery-Walk: diverse Stationen zum Life-Projekt INADAR, betreut durch Projektpartner

Grußworte von Norbert Schürmann (LEW-Vorstandsmitglied), Herrn Markus Ferber (MdEP), Rudolf Escheu (MDirig),