Ecological dam restoration on the river Danube
Providing habitats for flora and fauna with the help of eco-berms
LIFE Awards 2021 INADAR among the top 5 environment projects


Innovative approach to dam rehabilitation and the ecological improvement of riverbanks

The main objective of the project INADAR (Innovative Approach for Dam Restoration) is combining flood protection and ecology through the implementation of so-called "eco-berms". Behind the project are LEW Wasserkraft, Obere Donau Kraftwerke AG (ODK) as proprietor of the power plants and several other project partners.

Eco-berms are dams made from natural materials that allow for a rehabilitation of existing dams and the improvement of flood protection. At the same time, precious new habitat for flora and fauna can be created by using dead wood and other structural elements along the banks.

As a result, the population and diversity of plant species and fish in the area has grown considerably.


EU LIFE Awards nomination as best environment project

The INADAR project has been supported by the EU’s LIFE Programme and has been nominated for the EU's LIFE Awards 2021 in the environment category (read more). 

Ökologische Dammsanierung INADAR vorher nachher
Before (left) and after (right)

Role model for future river projects in Europe

The environment-friendly approach to dam rehabilitation with eco-berms has been tested successfully and could be adapted for implementation along thousands of kilometers of riverbanks in Europe that meet the requirements for eco-berms.

In 2015, the project started with the construction of two pilot sites near the power stations Oberelchingen und Offingen along the river Danube in Bavaria, Germany by LEW Wasserkraft GmbH, and has since been implemented at several other sites. Through sharing our positive experiences and project results, our aim is to provide valuable impulses towards a more sustainable future of hydropower.

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