Kick-off meeting of the LIFE+ -“water projects” in Lisbon

INADAR project manager Ralf Klocke (first from left) with representatives of EASME and NEEMO

The official launch of the LIFE+ – projects,  related to the protection of water in Europe, already took place in Lisbon in November.

The aim of the meeting was to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences between the projects and to convey the substantial and organizational expectations of the EU again. The event was led by representatives of EASME (the organization of the EU that is responsible for the implementation of the LIFE+ program) and the NEEMO that accompanies the approved projects on behalf of the EU.

All participants had the opportunity to present their innovative ideas in a brief presentation and to discuss with the participants. The INADAR – approach created great interest and the EU representatives underlined their high expectations.

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